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Which platform does the EA work on?

The ForexYields EA runs on Meta Trader 4 or MT4 for short.

Do I receive guidance and support on how to set it up?

Yes you receive all the setup instructions, and pre-set files on how to get started.

Do I get support 24/7 ?

Yes you get access to our private Discord Group.

What broker can I use?

You can use any broker you like, however we do recommend you use our partnership brokers as that is what the EA has been optimised on. You will find a list of those brokers on our Members Area.

Do I need a VPS?

Yes we recommend a VPS as the EA would need to be running 24/7.

What returns can I expect?

We do not like to give a percentage on returns as we understand the risks involved, and how volatile the Forex market can be.

How often does the EA trade?

The EA can be very cautious on the trades it takes. It’s not a fast pace EA, and is designed for steady growth.

Is there a free Trial?

Unfortunately we do not offer Trial periods.

What are the best pairs to trade?

The EA has been designed to run on Gold for the best performance, but any currency pair with low spreads is fine.

What is the minimum Starting Balance?

We do not like to give a figure on the minimum starting capital, as you should only be risking what you can afford to lose. We recommend you simulate and test on demo first, before deciding what balance you would like to start with.