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Installation Video Cbot

Cbot Simulation

Optimised Settings and Set Files

This Cbot EA was built for Renko blocks on the Ctrader platform. Renko blocks work differently to candlesticks as Renko blocks work in pips and not time. For the best performance its important you run it on Renko blocks, however it will also run on normal candlestick charts too. Just to note that Renko trading is consider a lot slower than normal candlestick trading.

We have been running this EA for over a year now on simulation and 5 months of verified myfxbook results. However this is still the early stages, and we may need to make changes and updates to keep optimising the EA.

Please can all members do their own testing and simulation and then report back to use your data and analysis. The more data we receive the more set files and better we can optimise.

There is a dedicated section in the Discord server for members to post their results and data.

Set Files

R1 Set File

This is the current Set file we are using on our Myfxbook account

Download Set File

R2 Set File

This set file we are working on for passing prop firms

Download Set File

New Set Files Coming Soon!

New Set Files Coming Soon!

Cbot Features


  1. Inset your membership email address to activate your EA.
  2. The Moving Average Convergence Period.
  3. Moving Average Type.
  4. Extreme Overbought Level.
  5. Extreme Oversold Level.
  6. Reverse the Trade (Buy trade would become a sell trade and vice versa).
  7. Exponential moving average filter (Buy trades above EMA/Sell trades below EMA).
  8. Exponential moving average period.
  9. Trade lot size.
  10. Hedging setting.
  11. Averaging setting.
  12. Take profit in pips when the EA starts taking averaging trades.
  13. Grid setting turned on or off.
  14. The space between each averaging trade being opened. This is in pips.
  15. Maximum averaging trade lot limit – For example if this is set to 1 lots and your trade sizes are 0.10 lots. Then it will take a maximum of 10 averaging trades. 0.10 x 10 = 1 lot. If your lot size is 0.50 lots then it will only take 2 averaging trades. 0.50 x 2 = 1 lot.
  16. Fixed stop loss.
  17. Take Profit.
  18. Trailing stop loss.

19. Martingale setting.

20. Martingale Multiplier.

21. The maximum amount of martingale increases.

22. Martingale in both directions (Hedging).

23. Show positions on charts.

Please send us an email if you are unsure on any of the features and settings.

Forex Brokers

Forex Robot’s are built for algorithmic trading. This means the robots are following a set of pre-programmed rules which have been coded into them. This type of trading means they are dependent on the quality of  the candlesticks they are reading to produce trades. Every Forex broker will use different liquidly providers and servers to produce their candlestick prices, and all these differences means robots will work differently from broker to broker.

Our Robot is no different, and it has been built from the data feeds from the three brokers you see below. If you would like your robot to produce the same kind of results as everyone else’s, then its important you sign up to the brokers below. This means everyone will be on the same servers as each other, and this is important for your robot to work efficiently. It also means we can offer the support and guidance if needed.

Please sign up to a broker by clicking on the imagines below. This means you will be added under our partnership.


If you are using a Robot then you will require a VPS. VPS is short for a Virtual Private Server and its basically a computer in a massive warehouse that is permanently on and connected to the internet.  You can connect to it remotely from a computer or mobile phone, and it just means you can have access to a more powerful computer for a fraction of the cost. Its perfect if you are running Expert Advisors as you need to have them running 24/7 to be able to trade, so having a VPS is the cheapest and best option for you. The other option is leaving your computer on 24/7, but that can become very expensive to do.

Reasons to choose Time4VPS

✔️ Cheapest VPS Packages on the market

✔️ Fast & Reliable VPS’s

✔️ Excellent 24/7 Customer Service

✔️ Fixed monthly or yearly billing

✔️ Various Windows and Linx options

✔️ 5 star Reviews on Trustpilot

Click on the imagine below to be re-directed to their website.

We have been using this EA on a live market for the past 3 years. All our demo and live Myfxbooks can be found on the homepage of our website. We run our EA on the MT4 Version. This is because our broker uses MT4.

Our Current Accounts

C1 Set File – 1 minute time frame. IC Markets Broker (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY)

This account is a £10,000 Demo account and is left on 24/7.

A4 & A7 Set File – 5 minute time frame. IC Markets Broker (Gold)

This account is a £5000 Live account and we aim for 3-5% per month and then turn it off.

This is because Gold can be very unpredictable and our yearly profit target is around 40% per year ROI. We prefer to hit our target in the first week of the month, and then turn it off until the following month.